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Dear Parents,

If your child falls within the age range of 3 to 18, have you contemplated the prospect of enrolling them in an International School in a country of your choice?

In recent times, there has been a growing inclination among parents to relocate their children either for work-related reasons or emigration purposes. At Fresh Education, we recognize the significance of this decision and are poised to provide unwavering support throughout your child's educational journey. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition for your child, fostering an environment conducive to their academic and personal growth.

I invite you to read on to know more about the possibilities that lie ahead or reach out to us directly to explore how we can contribute to enhancing your child's future.

Warm regards,

Francis Michael


Fresh Education

Gentle Guru Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Why Choose Fresh Education?

FRESH Education will be with you
at every step of your study abroad journey


Our academic advisors will gather information about your career goals, lifestyle, and aspirations for studying abroad, enabling us to provide personalized guidance.


Discover how our offerings can empower young international learners to embrace educational, personal, and cultural prospects in exceptional global settings. Whether they dream of experiencing education abroad or venturing into an international journey at an early age, our services are tailored to nurture these aspirations.


Our academic advisors can assist in finding the right scholarship for you from the wide variety of options available across our partner institutions.


Explore our extensive selection of over 900 leading international schools worldwide, schools, and colleges worldwide, represented by Fresh Education. Discover the perfect course and institution for you in our diverse fields of study.


Utilize Fresh Education’s vast student accommodation portal to efficiently plan and manage your residential accommodation abroad within budget.


Fresh Education will source the most suitable student policies and assist you with the application, whilst ensuring adequate coverage and benefits are in place.

Integrating AI support with International education

Securing your FUTURE with state-of-the-art Technology

FRESH Education provides a wide range of various services to support you with your international education journey. If you are planning of studying overseas, FRESH Education will assist in getting you there, from providing course information to career advice, we are dedicated to your future education..

Fresh Education's Commitment

In-Depth Knowledge

We stay at the forefront of the educational industry, continuously updating our knowledge of international education trends, admission requirements, and visa regulations.

Individualized Guidance

Every student is unique, and we are dedicated to understanding and addressing their specific needs, goals, and concerns.

Global Connections

We have cultivated strong relationships with universities, colleges, and schools worldwide, ensuring that we provide our students with accurate and up-to-date information.

Tailored Recommendations

Our recommendations for destination, institution, and program are carefully tailored to match each student's academic and career aspirations.

Visa and Immigration Expertise

We offer expert guidance on visa and immigration requirements, ensuring a smooth application process and helping students prepare for interviews.

Financial Planning

We assist students and their families in comprehending the financial aspects of studying abroad, including tuition fees, living expenses, and scholarship opportunities.

Language Proficiency

We assess language proficiency and recommend language tests or courses, guaranteeing that language requirements are met.

Academic Preparation

We help students compile academic documents, prepare recommendation letters, and provide guidance on standardized tests if necessary.

Application Excellence

We guide students through the application process for their chosen institutions, ensuring that all required documents are submitted on time.

Pre-departure Orientation

Our pre-departure orientation sessions prepare students for life in a foreign country, covering topics like culture shock, housing, and healthcare.

Health and Safety

We offer advice on health insurance, vaccinations, and safety measures, and we encourage students to register with their home country's embassy or consulate.

Cultural Sensitivity

We promote cultural sensitivity and awareness, helping students understand and appreciate the culture of their destination country.

Ethical Practice

We maintain high ethical standards, always acting in the best interest of our students while avoiding any conflicts of interest.

Network Building

We build a strong network with fellow education agents, industry professionals, and alumni of the institutions we represent.

Feedback and Evaluation

We actively seek feedback from our clients to continually improve our services. We also request testimonials from satisfied students to bolster our reputation.

Professional Development

We are committed to staying updated with changes in the education sector and continuously improving our expertise through relevant certifications.

Efficient Technology Use

We utilize technology for efficient communication and document submission, ensuring a streamlined experience for international students.

Patience and Support

We understand that the journey can be stressful, and we are patient, empathetic, and offer emotional support to students.

Emergency Preparedness

We have a plan for emergency situations and provide students with contact information for assistance during their stay abroad.

Ongoing Support

We maintain contact with our students during their studies, ensuring they are adapting well and achieving their educational goals.

Where Your Next Home Be ?

Study in Australia if you wish to study in a country that is at the helm of innovation and technological advancement. Australia is a diverse, happening country that opens your minds to possibilities and prepares you for a bright future anywhere in the world.
Study in Australia
Opt for education in Singapore if you seek an immersive experience in a nation renowned for its innovation and technological progress. Singapore, a vibrant and cosmopolitan hub, not only broadens your horizons to endless opportunities but also equips you with the skills for a promising global future.
Study in Singapore
Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences.
Study in Malaysia
The uniqueness of the United Kingdom is the fantastic amalgamation of its ultra-modernity and cultural richness. As the UK is the home to many of the most ancient, premier universities, thousands of international students flock to study in the UK every year.
Study in The UK
What else can be the best path to achieving your American dream than to study in the USA? Yes. The central hub for the top global educational institutions and hi-tech industries, the USA is an ideal choice for the ones with big dreams for themselves and the world.
Study in The USA
Diversity and open-mindedness are the fabrics of Canada. This is the reason why thousands of international students have chosen to study in Canada and make the country their permanent home in recent times.
Study in Canada

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Country: Canada

Country: Canada

School: Maplewood International School Course: Environmental Science Explorers
Country: Japan

Country: Japan

School: Sakura International Academy Course: Language and Culture Exchange
Country: China

Country: China

School: DragonStar International School Course: Robotics and Coding Fundamentals
Country: United Arab Emirates

Country: United Arab Emirates

School: Oasis Global School
Course: Young Entrepreneurs Academy
Country: South Korea

Country: South Korea

School: Seoul Harmony Academy
Course: Creative Arts and Digital Media
Country: Thailand

Country: Thailand

School: Emerald Breeze International School Course: Tropical Ecology and Conservation
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