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Advantages of Private School Education for

Exemplary Academic Standards:

- Unrivalled Academic Excellence: Private educational institutions in Indonesia are renowned for their commitment to delivering exceptional educational quality.

- Distinguished Educators: Private schools boast a cadre of seasoned and highly-qualified educators.

- Holistic Curriculum: Their curriculum is meticulously designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

- Personalized Learning: Smaller class sizes and individualized attention ensure tailored instruction for each student.

Tailored Programs and Educational Paradigms:

- Specialized Learning Pathways: Private schools offer a diverse array of programs, including Montessori and Waldorf approaches, as well as institutions dedicated to specific disciplines like the arts, sciences, and technology.

- Addressing Diverse Learning Styles: These institutions cater to students' unique strengths, passions, and academic requirements.

Superior Resources and State-of-the-Art Facilities:

- Abundant Resources: Private schools excel in resource allocation, featuring well-stocked libraries, cutting-edge technology, fully-equipped science laboratories, and state-of-the-art art studios.

- Enriched Learning Environment: These resources significantly contribute to a comprehensive and enriched educational experience.

Personalized Support and Guidance:

- Individualized Student Care: Private schools prioritize personalized attention, nurturing strong teacher-student relationships.

- Support Services: They also provide access to additional support services, including counselors, learning specialists, and tutors, addressing each student's unique needs and challenges.

Emphasis on Ethical and Character Development:

- Fostering Character Values: Many private schools emphasize character development alongside academic excellence.

- Building Well-Rounded Individuals: Values like integrity, empathy, leadership, and community service are instilled to create students with strong moral and ethical foundations.

Engaging Extracurricular Opportunities:

- Enriching Extracurricular Activities: Private schools offer a plethora of extracurricular activities encompassing sports, arts, music, drama, clubs, and community service initiatives.

- Enhanced Soft Skills: Participation in these activities nurtures social skills, teamwork, creativity, and leadership capabilities.

Networking and Professional Connections:

- Extensive Alumni Networks: Private schools maintain robust alumni networks and deep community ties.

- Valuable Career Connections: These connections provide students with unparalleled networking opportunities, benefiting their future educational and career pursuits.



International school in Thailand turns S’pore CEO into multi-millionaire amid spike in Chinese students

The growing number of wealthy Chinese leaving their homeland has been a boon for Thailand’s only exchange-listed school operator and turned its chief executive into a multi-millionaire...

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How Much to Budget for an Overseas Education

Dreaming of international education? You’re not alone. As the world becomes increasingly globalised, many students seize the opportunity to study overseas, whether for a full-term or semester-long programme.

Considering Boarding School Options for International Students in Indonesia?

Choosing to enroll your children in a boarding school while residing in Indonesia can be driven by various factors:

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Which city is the right fit for you?

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a bustling metropolis with a diverse blend of cultures and a rich history. The city's modern skyline is graced by towering skyscrapers, including iconic landmarks such as the National Monument (Monas) and the Istiqlal Mosque. While showcasing its contemporary side, Jakarta also preserves its heritage through sites like the Old Town (Kota Tua), which features Dutch colonial architecture and museums. With a dynamic culinary scene, vibrant street markets, and a plethora of cultural attractions, Jakarta offers a unique experience for residents and visitors alike.
The Island Paradise of Indonesia, Bali, often referred to as the "Island of the Gods," is a renowned Indonesian destination that combines natural beauty with vibrant culture. Its stunning beaches, lush rice terraces, and abundant temples create a picturesque setting. The island is famous for its traditional arts, dance, and music, and it offers a serene escape with yoga retreats and spa resorts. Bali's nightlife is also vibrant, with beach clubs and lively scenes in places like Kuta and Seminyak. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, Bali has something for every traveller.
The Creative Hub of Indonesia, Bandung, known as the "Paris of Java," is a city of creativity and innovation. Nestled amid the lush hills, this city boasts Dutch colonial architecture, lush gardens, and a thriving arts and fashion scene. Bandung is home to numerous trendy cafes, boutiques, and art galleries. Its unique charm extends to natural attractions like Tangkuban Perahu volcano and Kawah Putih crater lake. With a pleasant climate and a penchant for creativity, Bandung offers a captivating experience for those seeking artistic inspiration and natural beauty.
The Gateway to Eastern Indonesia, Surabaya, the capital of East Java, serves as the gateway to Eastern Indonesia. This bustling port city boasts a rich history, evident in its historic neighbourhoods and architectural landmarks. The House of Sampoerna, a Dutch colonial-style building, has been transformed into a museum showcasing Indonesia's tobacco history. Surabaya also features a vibrant culinary scene, with a particular love for seafood. For a taste of culture, explore the historic Arab Quarter or visit the Heroes Monument, which commemorates the Battle of Surabaya during Indonesia's fight for independence. With its strategic location and cultural depth, Surabaya offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy.

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Dalat International School

Dalat International School is an international day and boarding school in Penang, Malaysia. Founded as a boarding school for children of missionaries in Southeast Asia, it has grown into an international school with a diverse student population.

Fairview International School Penang

Fairview International School is an established educational institution adopting the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework and incorporating standards and learning outcomes from the UK national curriculum. The medium of instruction is English . We offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) in the Penang campus.

Pelita International School

At Pelita International School, our objective as an educational institution is to develop and nurture a child’s natural curiosity - so that their learning doesn’t just begin and end on school grounds alone.

Prince of Wales Island International School & POWIIS Primary

The Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS) opened in 2011 and has rapidly established a local, national and international reputation as one of Malaysia’s most significant schools. Situated in the green, safe and tranquil environment of Balik Pulau. POWIIS offers a broad and balanced education based on the English National Curriculum for students aged 11-18.

St Christopher's International School

St Christopher’s International Primary School (SCIPS) was established in 1963, to deliver a broad, balanced British-based curriculum that is tailored to meet the needs of our diverse community.

Stonyhurst International School Penang

Stonyhurst International School, Penang, is a coeducational day school for students between 3 to 18 years from all religious denominations and secular belief systems. Our motto, ‘Quant Je Puis’ (as much as I can), permeates our approach to education. We commit to knowing and caring for every child and expect our students to demonstrate care, compassion and commitment towards others throughout the school.

Straits International School Penang

At Straits International School Penang every learner can Grow Beyond what they thought possible. Each setting out on their own unique learning journey, thriving under a challenge with the courage to explore and pursue their dreams.

Tenby Schools Penang

Tenby Schools Penang is an international school in Penang, Malaysia, and part of the Tenby International School family. It offers both British curriculum and Malaysian curriculum in the same campus for children aged 3–18 years old.

The International School of Penang (Uplands)

The International School of Penang (Uplands), commonly known as Uplands School or simply Uplands by its members, is one of the International Schools in Penang, Malaysia. Founded in 1955, it was first situated on Penang Hill, moving to Gurney Drive and finally Batu Ferringhi in 2006.

Wesley Methodist School Penang

Established in 2018, Wesley Methodist School Penang is an international school driven by Christian values in providing quality education.

XCL International School Penang

BXCL International School, Penang (BXCL) provides an excellent Foundation Stage to Year 13 curriculum programme in the English language to students from Malaysia and around the world, through an enhanced form of the English National Curriculum.

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Curricula Offered by International Schools in Indonesia

Student enrolment in international schools in Indonesia has witnessed a significant shift in recent years. While these schools were initially established to cater to expatriate families, a growing middle class and evolving educational regulations have led to a notable surge in local student intake. The removal of limits on local student attendance in international schools has prompted Indonesian families to increasingly seek global education for their children. This diverse student body is now a defining feature of international schools in Indonesia, reflecting the country's commitment to providing world-class education to a broader spectrum of learners.

Here's an overview of the diverse international curricula available in Indonesia:


Based on rigorous benchmarks, this system is overseen by multiple accreditation bodies like MSACS and WASC. It adheres to globally recognized standards while allowing for local contextualization. The education spans from Elementary through High School, emphasizing core subjects, arts, languages, physical education, and technology.

Australian Framework

Embracing a comprehensive and integrated approach, the Australian Curriculum leads to the HSC. It emphasizes seven general capabilities, including literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and ethical understanding.


Often known as the National Curriculum of England, it categorizes learners into Key Stages (KS), with formal assessments at each stage's conclusion. Students undergo IGCSE and A-level examinations, both of which have global recognition.


Introduced by CAIE, the Cambridge Curriculum, affiliated with the University of Cambridge, provides a tailored educational journey from ages 5 to 19. Progress is monitored through Checkpoints, assessing proficiency in core subjects.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Promoting holistic growth, the IB programme consists of four components, from PYP to CP. It aspires to nurture global citizens who contribute positively to the world.

Islamic Curriculum

Tailored for Muslim students, this curriculum instills both secular knowledge and a robust foundation in Islamic teachings. It delves into Quranic studies, Hadith, and the Arabic language.

Ontario Curriculum

Originating from Canada's largest province, the Ontario Curriculum culminates in the OSSD, a globally recognized diploma. Covering Kindergarten through High School, it emphasizes active participation and core subjects.

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The demand from expatriates and their families has spurred Indonesia’s thriving education sector, particularly in international schools. These schools, located across the country, are tailored to meet the diverse needs of expat children, ensuring inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. They offer a well-rounded education that maintains academic excellence and universal values. Fresh Education is here to assist students in selecting the right school.

How to apply for a study permit:
Accept a place at an Indonesian University: Receive a formal letter of admission and pay any enrolment fees.
Your University begins the application process: Your institution will begin an application on your behalf using the Ministry of Education and Culture online portal.
Send over documentation: Your university will need several pieces of supporting documentation to complete the application. You’ll find a full list of what paperwork is required in the next section.
Submit application and await decision: The turnaround time on applications is between one and two weeks. The Ministry of Education and Culture will forward your approved study permit and a visa authorization to the Immigration Department in your home country so you can begin the visa application process.


How to apply for an entrance visa (VITAS):
Contact your local embassy or consulate: Make a visa application appointment. You can find a list of Indonesian foreign missions here.
Get your documents in order: You’ll need to take several documents to your appointment. A breakdown of what’s required is included in the next section.
Attend your appointment: As well as submitting your documents, you’ll be asked some simple questions.
Pay the application fee: Your application won’t be processed until you’ve paid. It’s worth checking the accepted payment methods because these can vary between consulates.
Receive a decision: Once your visa has been approved, you should return to the consulate to collect your passport and documents.


How to apply for a residence permit (KITAS):
Visit the immigration department in Indonesia: It’s vital that you do this within 30 days of arriving in Indonesia. You’ll need to complete some paperwork and pay a fee.
Receive a decision: It takes about 10 days after submission to convert your VITAS into a KITAS.
Register with the police headquarters: Once your KITAS has been issued, you must get a police report letter (STM) from your local police department and take it to your municipality’s population office. You’ll be provided with a certificate of registration for temporary residence (SKPPS) in return.


Many international schools in Indonesia offer scholarships to support talented and hardworking students who aspire to pursue an international education. These scholarships span various categories:

Academic Scholarships: Reserved for students with outstanding academic achievements, these scholarships are typically awarded to top-performing individuals.

Personal Scholarships: Often granted by companies, nonprofit organizations, or private individuals, these scholarships focus on students’ goals, beliefs, and accomplishments. Strong records of community service and volunteer work can enhance your chances.

Immutable Characteristics Scholarships: These are niche scholarships designed for specific groups, such as women in STEM, students with disabilities, women, minority ethnic groups, or individuals from particular countries. Exploring these options can lead to opportunities you qualify for.

Athletic or Activity Scholarships: Geared toward students with exceptional sports or athletic accomplishments, these scholarships align with the sports activities supported by the school. Some scholarships are also available for students excelling in performing arts or similar fields.

Explore these scholarship categories to discover opportunities that can make an international education more accessible to you.

Indonesia’s educational landscape is a cradle of innovation, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and the cultivation of independent thought. The nation is gaining increasing international recognition for its universities’ outstanding teaching and research standards. Indonesian graduates are flourishing on a global scale, securing employment in prominent positions across various industries, contributing to the nation’s growing reputation as a hub for excellence in education and professional success.