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At Fresh Education, students gravitate towards us for a multitude of reasons. Our comprehensive suite of services, ranging from guardianship to internship placement, resonates with their need for holistic support on their educational journey.

We are the #1 Choice for students seeking advise for further education and career planning.

Our dedicated team of experienced counsellors is committed to offering personalized support, insightful resources, and a wealth of opportunities that empower students to make informed decisions and realize their aspirations.

We have access to over 15,000 students seeking further education annually

We take pride in bridging the gap between aspiring students and esteemed educational institutions worldwide. Our extensive network brings together students from all corners of the globe, providing Universities and International Schools with a unique and enriching cultural mix within their campuses. Whether you’re seeking international primary and high school students or undergraduate / postgraduate candidates, we are committed to assisting you in finding the perfect fit for your academic programs.

Join us in creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that fosters global understanding and collaboration.

We have Been Providing Accountable and Qualified Leads to Top International Schools, Universities and Higher Institutions

With a proven track record of excellence, we have been diligently serving as a reliable conduit, delivering accountable and qualified leads to top international schools, universities and higher institutions worldwide.

By entrusting us with your recruitment needs, you gain access to a diverse pool of high-calibre candidates, each bringing their distinct perspectives and enriching your academic community.

Let us be your trusted partner in fostering academic excellence and cultural diversity within your institution.

We work like to global educational institutions

Our close alignment allows us to tailor our services to the unique strengths and offerings of each institution, creating a dynamic synergy that benefits both students and global educational institutions alike. By bridging the gap between aspiring learners and exceptional educational environments, we forge a pathway for mutual growth, impactful research, and a future where education knows no bounds.

We were once students and we understand the frustrations

We empathize deeply with the challenges and aspirations of students, because we’ve walked in those same shoes. Our team comprises former students who intimately understand the frustrations that can accompany the pursuit of education and career goals. We’ve overcome hurdles, navigated uncertainties, and celebrated triumphs first-hand.

This shared experience fuels our passion to provide not just advice, but empathetic guidance that addresses the unique concerns of students.

Antoni Pratama Diyas

Senior Global Education Consultant
Toni, a Pedagogy graduate, is a hands-on consultant with extensive experience in education, training, B2B partnerships, digital transformation, public relations, and marketing communications. His practical approach and deep expertise make him a reliable source for effective solutions across diverse fields.

Ed Wynn

Global Education Consultant

Juno Luo (Juno)

Web Master / SEO Strategist
Juno is a Bachelor’s Degree Holder in Multimedia Design and Production who has mastered computer design theory and skills. With his years of working experience, he combines traditional design methods with modern multimedia technology. Juno emphasises on practicality via systematic innovative techniques and this is evident in his mass media productions and website designs. Juno also creates strategies to keep the company’s businesses in the forefront of web searches.

Primaditya Riesta (Ita)

Global Education Consultant
Ita is a Master’s Degree Holder in Business Administration as well as a Certified Human Resource Professional who excels in Corporate Communication, Global Recruitment, Office Operational Management, Corporate Accounts and Budgeting, and Corporate Permissions. With her skills in business and people management, she currently holds the fort as a Global Education Consultant.

Dwi Purnomo

Global Education Consultant

Nina Qiu (Nina)

Social Media Manager
Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business English, Nina Qiu is a proven marketing professional with a strong business accumen. Her ability in article writing, social media management and content creation have proven to be invaluable to the company. Highly skilled in time management and workflow planning, Nina manages the operations of all the social media channels of

Sofwandoro Tri Saputro (Sofwan)

Global Education Consultant
Results-driven and proactive, Sofwan is an experienced business development and marketing professional. In his role, Sofwan does an extensive amount of product and market research and produces effective and strategic marketing campaigns. Managing his team and over-seeing all stages of these campaigns, Sofwan utilizes his ability to multi-task in fast paced environments to create a greater reach for the business.

Rifa Hanum

Global Marketing Executive

Amanda Xu (Amanda)

China Country Representative / Human Resource Manager
Amanda is a degree holder in International Business Management, with seven years of experience in HR and Business Administration with businesses in East and Southeast Asia, especially in China, Indonesia, and Thailand. Being highly skilled in procurement and logistics from China to other countries as well as in people management, Amanda is heading the operations in China.


At Fresh Education, we embody a thriving ecosystem of education enthusiasts, students, institutions, and experts who form a formidable network bound by shared aspirations. United by our commitment to nurturing academic growth and professional fulfilment, we seamlessly integrate our global presence, intimate understanding of student experiences, and collaborative partnerships with international schools and universities.

Fresh Education serves as a valuable partner in connecting international schools and universities with a diverse pool of high-caliber international students. Our database, combined with personalized support, ensures you gain access to students who are genuinely interested in your academic programs, fostering both academic excellence and cultural diversity within your institution.

We employ a multifaceted approach to gather and update student data. Our sources include our website, registrations, collaborations with educational events, and partnerships. This dynamic approach ensures that our database remains current and accurate, with information updated within the past year.

Certainly. We have a proven track record of successfully matching students with international schools and universities that align with their academic aspirations. Our portfolio includes instances where students have not only found the right academic fit but have also become valued members of the academic community, contributing to its growth and diversity.

Our database comprises students who have actively engaged with Fresh Education’s services, indicating genuine interest in pursuing higher / overseas education. We also employ filtering mechanisms that allow international schools and universities to select leads based on specific criteria such as preferred countries, courses, and academic levels, ensuring that leads are tailored to your needs.

Fresh Education stands out due to our personalized support, vast network, and commitment to matching students with international schools and universities that resonate with their goals. Our emphasis on cultural diversity, combined with an extensive track record of successful placements, makes us a trusted partner in elevating your international student recruitment efforts.


Data security is paramount to us. We adhere to rigorous data protection regulations and implement robust security protocols to safeguard student information. This includes encryption, secure storage, and strict consent mechanisms to ensure that student data remains confidential and secure.

Our database spans students from various regions and academic backgrounds, creating a truly global and enriching mix. This diversity allows international schools and universities to choose from a broad range of students with varied perspectives and aspirations, enhancing the international character of their campuses.

International schools and universities can select packages based on their lead requirements. Once a package is chosen and payment is made, we provide access credentials to our user-friendly database software. This platform allows international schools and universities to search, filter, and download student leads tailored to their desired criteria.

Our commitment doesn’t end with providing access to the database. We offer ongoing support to address any inquiries, refine lead searches, and ensure your international school or university maximizes the potential of the leads we provide. Our experienced team is readily available to assist throughout the recruitment process.

We conduct in-depth conversations with students to understand their academic and career goals. Our intelligent matching system then pairs them with international schools and universities and programs that best align with their aspirations. This personalized approach increases the likelihood of successful matches and meaningful student-educational institution connections.

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