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At Fresh Education, international students between the ages of 3 and 18 find themselves naturally drawn to us. Our all-encompassing array of services, from guardianship to tailored extracurricular activities, aligns perfectly with their unique needs, offering complete support throughout their formative years.

We stand as the top preference for International School students seeking guidance for their educational journey.

Our devoted team of skilled mentors is dedicated to providing tailored assistance, valuable materials, and a plethora of avenues that not only empower young international school students, aged 3 to 18, but also actively engage parents in guiding their children towards informed choices and the achievement of their budding aspirations.

Each year, we engage with over 15,000 students pursuing admissions to International Schools

We find joy in connecting the aspirations of students with prestigious global educational establishments. Through our expansive network, we unite learners from diverse regions, granting International Schools a distinctive and enriching cultural diversity on their premises. Whether you’re in search of students for early education or secondary schooling, we dedicate ourselves to aiding you in discovering the ideal match for your academic offerings.

Partner with us to establish a dynamic and all-encompassing learning setting that nurtures worldwide comprehension and cooperation

We've consistently supplied trustworthy and vetted prospects to international educational establishments and institutions worldwide

Backed by a history of demonstrable achievement, we’ve been dedicatedly operating as a dependable channel, providing credible and proficient prospects to International Schools and Educational Institutions on a global scale.

By relying on our expertise for your recruitment requisites, you unlock a wide spectrum of top-tier candidates, each contributing unique viewpoints that enhance your scholarly environment.

Allow us to stand by your side as a trusted collaborator in nurturing educational eminence and enriching cultural variety within your institution.

We operate as with International Schools worldwide
Our close alignment allows us to tailor our services to the unique strengths and offerings of each institution, creating a dynamic synergy that benefits both students and universities alike. By bridging the gap between aspiring learners and exceptional educational environments, we forge a pathway for mutual growth, impactful research, and a future where education knows no bounds.

Having been students ourselves, we empathize with the challenges

We deeply resonate with the challenges and dreams of young students who may be transitioning to an international school, as we’ve treaded the same path. Our team consists of former students who intimately grasp the frustrations that can arise when pursuing educational and life aspirations in a new setting. We’ve surmounted obstacles, navigated uncertainties, and savoured triumphs first-hand.

This shared expedition drives our zeal to offer not only guidance, but empathetic direction that precisely addresses the unique concerns of students in this transformative journey.


Fresh Education epitomizes a flourishing community of education enthusiasts, students, institutions, and experts, forming a powerful network connected by common ambitions. Brought together by our dedication to fostering educational advancement and personal satisfaction, we effortlessly blend our worldwide reach, profound comprehension of student journeys, and cooperative alliances with International Schools across the globe.

Fresh Education serves as a valuable collaborator in connecting international schools with a diverse range of high-potential students. Our database, coupled with personalized support, ensures that you gain access to students and parents who are genuinely interested in your academic offerings, fostering both educational excellence and a culturally rich environment within your institution.

We employ a multifaceted strategy to gather and update student data. Our sources encompass our website, registrations, collaborations with educational events, and partnerships. This dynamic approach guarantees the ongoing accuracy of our database, with information refreshed within the past year.

Certainly. We have a demonstrated history of effectively matching students and their parents with international schools that align with their educational goals. Our portfolio includes cases where families have not only found the right academic fit but have also become valued contributors to the school community, enhancing its vibrancy and diversity.

Our database includes students and parents who have actively engaged with Fresh Education’s services, indicating a genuine intent to pursue education. We also employ filtering mechanisms that enable schools to select leads based on specific criteria such as preferred regions, grade levels, and extracurricular interests, ensuring that leads are tailored to your preferences.

Fresh Education stands apart due to our personalized assistance, extensive network, and dedication to matching students and parents with international schools that resonate with their aspirations. Our focus on cultural diversity, paired with a proven history of successful placements, positions us as a reliable partner in elevating your international student recruitment endeavours.


Data security is of utmost importance to us. We adhere to stringent data protection regulations and implement robust security measures to safeguard student and parent information. This includes encryption, secure storage, and strict consent mechanisms to ensure the confidentiality and security of data.

Our database encompasses students from various regions and academic backgrounds, creating a genuinely global and enriching mix. This diversity enables schools to select from a wide array of students and families with diverse perspectives and aspirations, enriching the international fabric of their campuses.

International schools can choose packages tailored to their lead needs. Upon selecting a package and completing payment, we provide access credentials to our user-friendly database platform. This platform empowers schools to search, filter, and download student and parent leads customized to their specific criteria.

Our commitment extends beyond database access. We offer continuous support to address queries, fine-tune lead searches, and ensure your school optimizes the potential of the leads we provide. Our experienced team is readily available to assist throughout the student recruitment process.

We engage in comprehensive discussions with students and their parents to understand their educational and career aspirations. Our intelligent matching system then pairs them with international schools and programs that best align with their goals. This personalized approach heightens the likelihood of successful matches and meaningful connections between families and schools.

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